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Hand Painted Wedding Illustration // Public House Co.

HEY THERE, I'm Samantha!

Let's see - you want to know about me? I'm a wife, a mother, and a painter - in that order most days.  I started picking my paintbrush up again after we moved into an old house that needed way too much work with two gingers under the age of three that needed way too much attention. My outlet? Painting ANYTHING! It started with house portraits for my realtor and since then, my skills, clients, and business have grown beyond belief! I work with some of the most amazing couples and paint jaw-dropping venues, all while still raising (now three) little gingers. To say I'm the luckiest is an understatement! 

I love working with couples to create the most beautiful wedding stationery. My background is in Graphic Design, so I am able to work from concept to digital artwork with each couple. I work with another boss babe printer who takes care of my client's paper needs. She's fabulous and I have to give her credit for making everything come alive!

I can't wait to hear your wedding day plans! 

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